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NCI Online Credentialing Repository (NCI OCR) —
National Cancer Institute   U.S. National Institutes of Health

The caBIG program has been retired, and while this website is being maintained temporarily to prevent broken links and provide access to information on the subset of caBIG projects that were transitioned into the new NCIP program, it will be archived in the near future. For information on the NCI's biomedical informatics program, please visit

The information and links on this website are no longer being updated and are provided for reference purposes only.

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Product Description

The NCI Online Credentialing Repository (NCI OCR) is a software application that supports electronic submission of clinical trial documentation to trial sponsors and regulatory bodies. NCI OCR automates the investigator registration process that currently requires submission of a series of paper forms including the Form FDA 1572, Curriculum Vitae, Financial Disclosure Form, and supporting documentation. Through a single web-based interface to a secure central repository, investigators will be able to maintain their profile containing the accreditation information required for their participation in drug trials. NCI OCR was previously known as FIREBIRD (The Federal Investigator Registry of Biomedical Information Research Data).

Current Version

  • Current Version Number: Release Version 3.1
  • Release Date of Current Version: February 2013

Intended Audiences

Clinical trial Sponsors, Investigators, Registration Coordinators, and Sponsor Delegates

More Information

Tool Download Files

Domain and Technical Information

  • Area of Focus: Clinical Trials Management
  • Primary Workspace: CTMS
  • Currently caGrid Enabled?No
  • Compatibility Level: Not yet determined (Learn more about compatibility levels)
  • Tool Maturity Assessment Stable Release (Adoption in Progress)
  • Architecture Level:  Web Application,
  • Installation Level: Basic - Wizard or web browser application; minimal technical assistance required