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VIsual Statistical Data Analyzer (VISDA) —
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VIsual Statistical Data Analyzer (VISDA)

Product Description

VISDA (VIsual Statistical Data Analyzer) is an analytical tool for cluster modeling, visualization, and discovery. Being statistically-principled and visually-insightful, VISDA exploits the human gift for pattern recognition and allows users to discover hidden clustered data structure within high dimensional and complex biomedical data sets. The unique features of VISDA include its hybrid algorithm, robust performance, and “tree of phenotypes”. With global and local biomarker identification and prediction functionalities, VISDA allows users across the cancer research community to analyze their genomic and proteomic data to define new cancer subtypes based on the gene expression patterns, construct hierarchical trees of multiclass cancer phenotypic composites, and to discover the correlation between cancer statistics and risk factors.

Current Version

  • Current Version Number: 1.0
  • Release Date of Current Version: March 2006

Intended Audiences

Bioinformaticians and Bologists

Tool Download Files

Domain and Technical Information

  • Area of Focus: Data Analysis and Statistical Tools
  • Primary Workspace: ICR
  • Currently caGrid Enabled?No
  • Compatibility Level: Not yet determined (Learn more about compatibility levels)
  • Tool Maturity Assessment Mature Product (Successfully Adopted)
  • Architecture Level:  Desktop Application,
  • Installation Level: Basic - Wizard or web browser application; minimal technical assistance required
  • System Requirements: 

    VISDA can run on any platform that supports Java JRE 5.0 and C compiler. 256MB or greater RAM and a 1.0 GMHz or greater CPU are suggested. VISDA has been tested on Microsoft Windows XP, Linux, and Unix platforms. Users can install VISDA directly on a computer and launch the program from batch files provided in the deployment package.

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