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The caBIG program has been retired, and while this website is being maintained temporarily to prevent broken links and provide access to information on the subset of caBIG projects that were transitioned into the new NCIP program, it will be archived in the near future. For information on the NCI's biomedical informatics program, please visit

The information and links on this website are no longer being updated and are provided for reference purposes only.

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caDSR Database

Product Description

The Cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository (caDSR) stores and manages Common Data Elements (CDEs), which are developed by various NCI-sponsored organizations.

CDEs are based on Enterprise Vocabulary Services (EVS) thesauri and standard vocabularies. caDSR is based on the ISO/IEC 11179 Information Technologies: Metadata Registries (MDR) standard for harmonizing, registering, and integrating user-defined UML information models with existing and new caDSR content.

The caDSR database is accompanied by a suite of tools for creating, sharing and deploying CDEs. This suite includes a public CDE Browser that lets you search for data elements, create forms and download CDEs. caCORE web services allow users programmatic access to caDSR content. The UML Model Browser is specifically designed for browsing registered UML information models. The caDSR is based on open source standards and is freely available for use by other government agencies and for download and use by interested parties.

Current Version

  • Current Version Number:
  • Release Date of Current Version: January 2010

Intended Audiences

Developers; Adopters; Metadata Analysts; Protocol Builders, Forms Builders, Metadata Curators (Forms); Metadata curators (UML Models); Context Administrators; Researchers; Clinicians; VCDE Mentors; Architecture Mentors; Compatibility Reviewers

More Information

Tool Download Files

Domain and Technical Information

  • Area of Focus: Data Sharing
  • Primary Workspace: caCORE
  • Currently caGrid Enabled?Yes
  • Compatibility Level: Not yet determined (Learn more about compatibility levels)
  • Tool Maturity Assessment Mature Product (Successfully Adopted)
  • Architecture Level:  Enterprise System/Infrastructure - Server/Network Dependent,
  • Installation Level: Advanced - technical team required for installation