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Vocabularies & Common Data Elements (VCDE) Workspace —
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The caBIG program has been retired, and while this website is being maintained temporarily to prevent broken links and provide access to information on the subset of caBIG projects that were transitioned into the new NCIP program, it will be archived in the near future. For information on the NCI's biomedical informatics program, please visit

The information and links on this website are no longer being updated and are provided for reference purposes only.

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Vocabularies & Common Data Elements (VCDE) Workspace

This Cross Cutting Workspace is responsible for evaluating and integrating systems for vocabulary and ontology content development, as well as software systems for content delivery. They are also responsible for developing standards for the representation of ontologies and vocabularies used throughout caBIG®, as well as assessments of existing systems presented as caBIG® compatible. This Workspace also has limited responsibility for vocabulary and ontology content development, when specific and required content does not exist in a form usable by caBIG®. Learn more about the VCDE Workspace Vision and Mission.

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