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The caBIG program has been retired, and while this website is being maintained temporarily to prevent broken links and provide access to information on the subset of caBIG projects that were transitioned into the new NCIP program, it will be archived in the near future. For information on the NCI's biomedical informatics program, please visit

The information and links on this website are no longer being updated and are provided for reference purposes only.

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Data Standards

caBIG® Data Standards

Common Data Elements (CDEs) are annotations collected in a uniform manner across multiple institutions, allowing the sharing of data in a standardized format. To date, over 20 CDEs have been accepted for use by the caBIG® Community as Data Standards. To view a list of caBIG® accepted Data Standards, click on the link below for the list in alphabetical order.

Data Standards Process

Development and Governance Process  [February 2010]

The governance process for identification of standard Common Data Elements (CDEs) to be used in caBIG® is described graphically in a caBIG® CDE Governance Process diagram. The process includes the conceptualization and development of Proposed Standard CDEs, review and approval of Candidate Standards by the caBIG® Vocabularies and Common Data Elements (VCDE) Workspace, and periodic review and maintenance of the Standard CDEs. Registration status is used to track progress from a Proposed standard, to a Candidate standard, and then to a Standard approved for use by the caBIG® community.

A current list of CDEs under consideration for caBIG® Data Standard status can be found by using the caDSR Browser (CDEBrowser). Data Standards are registered in the caBIG® context under Classifications in the Browser tree and presented by registration status of Proposed, Candidate, and Standard.


Candidate caBIG® Data Standards/Modifications Under Review

There are currently no reviews. There is a harmonization activity for the existing CDEs in the caDSR that is owned and led by the Dianne Reeves and the content curators.

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